The All-New 2022 Acura MDX – Radically Ambitious

December 8th, 2020 by

The all-new 2022 Acura MDX has been revealed! The MDX Prototype takes Precision Crafted Performance® to a whole new level. Acura wanted to focus on Next-Generation Performance with the 2022 MDX and is taking new heights engineered to be the performance-focused Acura flagship. 


Drive With Passion

A brand new, more rigid body and double-wishbone front suspension deliver nimble handling all while keeping the driver and ride composed. Under the hood, the MDX is equipped with a 3.0L turbo V-6 engine producing an estimated 355-HP116 and 354 lb-ft116 of torque, so you can feel the drive.

Expressive Design

Acura wanted to impose a presence we have never seen before with an all-new dynamic exterior design. The MDX conveys a look of power and aggression through a longer, wider, and lower body. Amplifying an athletic appearance, it is accompanied by a long, projecting hood and fierce body line that flows with the tapering cabin. Finally, a wide-set of Chicane™ LED taillights and dual exhaust outlets gives it the finishing touch of a vigorous appearance.

Exquisite Cabin

The cabin of the 2022 MDX prototype is a finish of quality-grade, authentic materials. Drivers and passengers will feel the superior craftsmanship of the quilted leather seat trims that simulates a first-class experience. The two front seats are equipped with seat massagers with the ultimate goal of keeping you engaged yet relaxed. The interior is heightened from the ultra-wide panoramic roof that will further the world around you.

Innovative Cockpit

The MDX prototype’s cockpit is fully equipped with leading-edge technology and comfort that gives you the precision you have always needed. The dash has a new premium look due to an all-new full digital instrument cluster wrapped in dual-tone soft-touch leather. The center console is highlighted by a 12.3-inch wide full-HD center display and Integrated System drive mode dial. Iconic Drive™ ambient lighting and the 25 speaker Signature Edition ELS STUDIO 3D®32 premium audio system immerses your senses to the next level.


See all of what the 2022 MDX Prototype has to offer by watching the full reveal here. You do not want to miss this. While you’re waiting for the new 2022 Acura MDX, browse and shop our current inventory of new 2020 and 2021 models.